Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?
Series One, Story Five
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Part OneEdit

Sarah Jane has received a puzzle box from a visiting alien seer along with the instruction to "remember", and passes these along to Maria Jackson as the person she most trusts. A meteor is on collision course with Earth, and Sarah Jane has set up, but not yet activated via Mr Smith, a force field to deflect it. However, the next morning Maria wakes to find that seemingly no one has heard of Sarah Jane or Luke Smith. Maria discovers that a woman called Andrea Yates has taken Sarah Jane's place.

Investigating, Maria finds a 1964 newspaper report stating that a thirteen-year-old Sarah Jane Smith drowned after falling from a pier, where she was playing with her friend Andrea Yates. As Maria watches, the names of the deceased and the survivor keep switching. When Maria confronts Andrea, the panic stricken woman rushes to her attic and finds a second puzzle box. She now remembers a mysterious hooded figure who appears and offers to make Maria disappear. After Andrea accepts, he dispatches a small alien, a Graske, who captures Maria just after Alan picks up the first puzzle box. When Alan comes round he discovers his ex-wife cannot remember their daughter. Meanwhile Maria escapes from the Graske and finds herself on a beach promenade near two girls. They introduce themselves as Andrea Yates and Sarah Jane Smith.

Part TwoEdit

Maria tries to convince the young Sarah Jane not to go down to the pier, and is then re-captured and taken to Limbo, nothing, where she sees a farmiliar face. The meteor comes ever closer to Earth when Alan tricks the Graske into telling him how to get Maria back, and does the same for Sarah Jane, only to find that she's only a reflection, Sarah Jane can't return whilst Andrea is still there.

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