The Sarah Jane Adventures
Vital statistics
Name The Sarah Jane Adventures
Aired 2007 - 2011
Status Ended

The Sarah Jane Adventures is a spin off from Doctor Who.

Casts and CharactersEdit

Television StoriesEdit

Series One (2007)Edit

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Series Two (2008)Edit

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Series Three (2009)Edit

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Series Four (2010)Edit

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Series Five (2011)Edit

  • The series was set to have six episodes like the previous series'. That was until the death of the main star, Elisabeth Sladen. She and the cast only produced three episodes.
  • The other three episodes were, Meet Mr. Smith, The Thirteenth Floor and The Battle for Bannerman Road.
    • The Thirteenth Floor was rewritten for new spin off show, Wizards vs. Aliens. While the other two episodes weren't used.

Series 6Edit

  • If the series happened, it was rumoured that former Doctor Who companion, Ace would appear in it. It would have explained what happened between 'Survival' and 'The TV Movie.' The episode would have been written by Russell T Davies.
    • This would have been the second time a former companion of the Doctor would have made a special appearance, the first time being Jo Grant.