The Gift
Series Three, Story Six
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The Nightmare Man

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The Blathereen from Raxacoricophalapotorious come to Rani's house for dinner. Sarah Jane is worried that they might see Mr. Smith and all the other alien artifacts in her house. Rani's parents are out of town and her house is used To feed the Blathereen. Everything is great until they give Sarah Jane a gift. Clyde thinks it is dangerous so asks Mr Smith to scan it. Mr Smith says it is rackweed, and it is harmless.

Overnight, the rackweed flowers and turns into something not harmless. When Luke is looking for his tie in the attic, seeds come out of the flowers and Luke inhales them directly into his lungs. Sarah Jane walks in and tells Luke to hurry, but she can see he is ill. She is worried because Luke has never gotten ill before. Rani and Clyde go to school and Luke stays at home with Sarah Jane. Mr Smith scans the rackweed and it is not harmless. Meanwhile in school, Rani notices Clyde is acting weird. She notices K9 under the table. Clyde had planned to use K9 to pass a test. Clyde turns around and sees rackweed on the window-sill. The teacher walks near it and then passes out. Everyone runs out of the classroom screaming. At home, Luke is getting worse. Sarah Jane sees horrible spots all over him. Suddenly seeds fly out of the rackweed and are flying towards Sarah Jane and Luke. Sarah Jane screams "Mr Smith, I need you! Mr Smith, HELP US!" 

Part TwoEdit

Then Mr Smith's screen lift's up, releaving 2 very powerful fans, which suck all the spores out of Sarah Jane's and Luke's path. His screen returns to normal...



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