Robot (episode)
Starring Tom Baker, Elizabeth Sladen, Nicolas Courtney and Ian Marter
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The Planet of Spiders
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Part OneEdit

Following on from Planet of the Spiders, Sarah Jane Smith and the Brigadier watch as the Third Doctor's features fade into those of the Fourth. The newly regenerated Doctor is delirious, waking up to spout random lines from past adventures before falling unconscious again. The Brigadier summons the base medical officer, Lieutenant Harry Sullivan to take the Doctor to sickbay and care for him.

Part TwoEdit

Sarah runs, panicked, out where she came in and meets Winters. The director explains that since Sarah was so insistent on seeing what was in there, they activated the robot as a joke. In response to Sarah's questions, the robot identifies itself as Experimental Prototype Robot K1, its purpose being to replace human beings in carrying out hazardous activities like mining or handling radioactive materials. Sarah asks if the robot can be dangerous, and Winters demonstrates by ordering K1 to kill her

Part ThreeEdit

Before K1 can land the killing blow, Sarah (having read the note) arrives. K1 recognises her as the person who showed concern for its wellbeing, and when Sarah tells it that Think Tank are deceiving it, K1 flails about in confusion and distress. At that moment, Benton and a squad of UNIT soldiers arrive, but it easily shrugs off their gunfire and escapes. They find Kettlewell tied up inside a cupboard and take him back to UNIT headquarters. There, he confirms that Jellicoe and Winters altered the robot's programming and made it unstable. He explains that K1 is made of a living metal he invented, one that can grow like a living organism. That also led him to another discovery, a virus that could biodegrade metal into a recyclable form.
Harry and Sarah

Part Four Edit

In the bunker, Winters gets Kettlewell to make the international computer linkups so they can use the Destructor Codes. Kettlewell still believes Winters is bluffing, but she disabuses him of the notion, telling him that if the world governments do not give in, she will fire the missiles. The countdown begins.



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