Mrs Wormwood
Vital statistics
Name Mrs Wormwood
Status descassed
Friend/Foe Foe
Home Planet unknown
Species Bane
Appearances Invasion of the Bane, Enemy of the Bane and Death of the Doctor
Actor Samantha Bond


Mrs Wormwood is the head of the Bubble Shock! company, which is in reality a front for the aliens known as the Bane. The Bane are disguised as humans as part of a plan to invade Earth. She oversees the creation of the Archytype. She knows of Sarah Jane Smith by reputation prior to meeting her for the first time in "Invasion of the Bane", and therefore summons Sarah to her office when she is found intruding in the Bubble Shock! factory. Sarah Jane mentions to her that in the Bible Wormwood refers to a star that falls to Earth, poisoning the rivers. Mrs Wormwood reveals her true form to Kelsey Hooper, before wiping her memory and sending her home with Davey, allowing him to pursue Sarah Jane. When the factory explodes and the Bane are defeated, she escapes by descending in a secret lift, vowing to exact her vengeance against Sarah Jane (Invasion of the Bane). A few years later she is on the run from the Bane for her failures when she seeks the help of Sarah Jane in attaining the Scrolls of Horath, under the auspices of preventing the Bane from unleashing the entity Horath upon the world. However, she works with the renegade Sontaran, Commander Kaagh, to take control of Horath herself, and tries to convince Luke that as his creator she is "real mother" over Sarah Jane and promises to unlock his potential and make him into a god. However, her own callousness and lack of honour leads her to betray Kaagh, who in retaliation knocks them both into Horath's portal into which they are lost forever (Enemy of the Bane).



"Lesley, Kill her."

"This should be fun."

"She's taken the archetype, now we can have even more fun."

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