Jacob West
Vital statistics
Name Jacob West
Status Unknown
Friend/Foe Both
Home Planet Earth
Species Human (formerly Berserker
Appearances The Mark of the Berserker


Jacob was in detention for getting into a fight but started to control the others with The Pendant. He noticed he was changing and rushed to the washroom. He was very scared and threw the pendant down. It then s


Due to be bullied constantly by other popular students like Steve Wallace he became bitter towards everyone when he found the pendant and found out what it can do He came very cruel towards his tormentors by using the pendant to cause his bullies to lose their voice as well as forcing them form moving which caused him to become sadistic. However apart from the unremovable tattoo-like mark on his palm he learned that it causes the user to change he became scared and decided to leave it.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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Other InformationEdit

  • Only member of Sarah Jane's Gang he is the enemy of is Rani when he gave up the pendant he became her ally to warn her that their is a side effect of using it will effect the user physically.

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