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The Bane where a huge species of aliens. They worshipped the Bane Mother who was also their Queen. They were led by Mrs Wormwood.

The Bane

Rivalry With Sarah JaneEdit

Sarah Jane Smith was investigating the Bubble Shock! Factory. It was created by the Bane to take over the human race by using Bane in a drink called Bubble Shock! They created an artificial human named the Archetype who was adopted by Sarah Jane Smith and her sidekick, Maria Jackson named him Luke. Being defeated by Sarah Jane was ignominous to the alien race so Mrs Wormwood lived in exile and they hunted her out thretening to devour her. However, Sarah needed The Brigadier's help to defeat the Bane again. Although, Mrs Wormwood was working closely with Commander Kaagh, a exile Sontaran.


Known IndividualsEdit


The Bane have the ability to Wallcrawl which makes them able to stick to walls, celings ect
Bane Wall Crawling