Alan Jackson
Vital statistics
Name Alan Jackson
Status Alive
Friend/Foe Friend
Home Planet Earth
Species Human
Appearances List of Appearances
Actor Joseph Millson

Alan Jackson is Maria's father and ex-husband of Chrissie Jackson. He lived on Bannerman Road until he moved to America with Maria.


Alan had moved to Bannerman Road after divorcing Chrissie Jackson he moved with Maria where he met Sarah Jane

Series TwoEdit

Alan got a job in America and was a tough decision and decided to take it and took Maria with him which made Chrissie very upset that she wouldn't see Maria.


Alan as he appears as a wallpaper on the Sarah Jane Adventures section of the CBBC website


Alan's personality is very caring and kind, showing this when he found out what Maria, Clyde, Sarah Jane and Luke were doing. 


Behind the ScenesEdit

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